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Yesterday, went to an music festival. The singers were really good. Iwent thele wirth my girlfriend and my friends. I´d like to by a moped they kost 2000€ and my A1 licenc kost to 1300€ I have very fun when I make my moped licenc. In the evening I go make party.
23.5.12 12:22



Why I´d like to meet

I`d like to meet kool savas. Lets from Achen he is born in 1975. The sings in Germany, he`s a fantastic Rapper, I like his songs. So maybe I`ll meet him.

21.5.12 12:48

Abaout me

About me

I`m from Germany, my family moved to Nußbach when I was 1. I spend lots of time with my friends. I play football or meet my friends and go to the cinema. I like listen to music. I listen to music every time. And I often meet or call my girlfriend. I also like to drive with our Quad its funny when the beople look at me when I drave past them. My favourite meal is pizza, Döner and friet potatoes. I`ve got the mofa drives licence now I made the A1 drive licence.




16.5.12 12:47

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